What is Airline Revenue Economics all about?

This is your Captain speaking! Welcome aboard your flight to revenue innovation.

Whether you work at an airline, OEM or airline supplier, Airline Revenue Economics is here to help you understand everything that airlines can do to earn revenue from new products and services.

But this is not a traditional revenue management and pricing newsletter. You probably already have 100 people and a dozen subscriptions looking at that, plus deep operational expertise in the field. It is not news either, but analysis based on the latest trends.

I am here to help you understand the revenue generators of tomorrow and figure out what you need to do today to make these a reality.

These of course include airline retailing and services. They also dive deep into how aircraft and airports are revenue generating platforms.

I am passionate about passenger experience and believe that cabin assets like seats, galleys and interactive surfaces directly impact revenue. Loyalty, AI, blockchain and Internet of Things are all featured. My experience includes designing the Qatar Airways Qsuite, 787 and A380 interiors and I often call upon these to guide the discussion.

Although I write about emerging high technology and ideas at the frontier of airline economics knowledge, my articles are always mindful of fundamental aviation principles. Real aircraft, networks and schedules. Published fares and retail prices. And data sources you can access yourselves. This is not the Jetsons.

Maybe you are a seasoned travel industry veteran, a recent hire or a student. Or perhaps you are a frequent traveller, a plane spotter or simply interested in the business. All subscribers are welcome.

All my articles are written by me, and sometimes with my human partners. Airline Revenue Economics is 100% organic and AI free. No chat bots are allowed.

Why is Airline Revenue Economics different?

Almost everyone in the airline industry works in a silo. My articles try to work across airline silos, not within them. My goal is that whenever you read a piece I want you to learn something new or see it in a new way.

The airline industry also has serious tunnel vision. Big bodies and vendors shape the conversation along narrow lines of discussion like NDC, a communications standard. My articles try to show a broader perspective, presenting ideas in historical and other industry context.

Mega OEMs and suppliers of seats, galleys, IFE systems and the rest talk about revenue generation but are often unable to link their products to the way airline seats are revenue managed and sold in practice. My articles try to bring everything together in one place for the first time.

Most importantly, Airline Revenue Economics is entirely independent. There is no airline, travel industry parent or big media organisation telling me what to write about.

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Can articles be sponsored?

If you are interested in sponsoring this newsletter, please get in touch by e-mail: oliver AT ransonpricing DOT com

Three types of sponsorship are available:

1. Your name here!

Your name will be listed near the start and at the end of an article. If you would like to include your logo and a web link this is easy to arrange.

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I will write an article exploring a topic that interests you. Advertorials are not allowed – my articles will not actively promote your product, but can present them in a wider airline industry context.

3. Private articles

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Who am I & what have I done in aviation?

My name is Oliver Ranson and I am an airline outsider with an insider’s perspective.

When I took my Economics degree from LSE I went to become a consultant and got a job in a telecoms team. I loved consulting but did not care for telecoms. What I really liked was the flying to see Clients. The Cunard steamship line used to say that getting there is half the fun and I think this is still true today.

I lived in London and one day had to fly to Abu Dhabi. Rather than take BA like we normally did I decided to try a growing airline that nobody had flown but was apparently very good called Qatar Airways.

The flight left from Heathrow Terminal 3 and once on-board I was hooked. Seat, service and catering were all fabulous. So I applied to join the airline in any open job and they had me. I moved to Doha.

Five years later I had grown their revenue by $300 million, helped develop the award-winning Qsuite, probably the world’s most popular busines class seat today, and played a part in more than doubling the size of the network.

Along the way I touched almost every part of the business, apart from actually flying the planes and turning the wrenches. Commercial. Marketing. Planning. Loyalty. HR and Recruitment. Catering. Seat and Cabin Design. Customer Research. Cabin Crew. Airport Ground Services. And more. I did them all.

But I never forgot what it was like to be a passenger on Qatar Airways for the first time. That sense of surprise and delight. Most airline managers never buy a ticket in their lives. Always thinking like a passenger is what makes me unique.

Do you want to work with me?

I love working with airlines, OEMs and suppliers to look at anything revenue related.

Please e-mail oliver AT ransonpricing DOT com to discuss your requirements and take out a GBP 250 Founding Member plan to cover the time for the first phone call.

Please note that I do not offer an introduction service to my other Clients, especially in the early days of a relationship.

Do you want to fly with me?

If you really want to learn how an airline operates or what they are doing well, there is nothing better than taking a flight with me.

At the airport and on the plane I will take you through the seats, service, catering, galleys and other aircraft/airline features as they appear so you can really understand what is going on, what is going well and what could be improved.

Write to oliver AT ransonpricing DOT com to set up a flight.

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Oliver Ranson is your favourite airline revenue economist and editor of Airline Revenue Economics. He writes about everything airlines can do to grow revenue apart from traditional revenue management.
I am an experienced aviation expert and build the bridge between strategic business management, organization design, and the application of deep technology and applied psychology in combinations of AI, and fusing AI on blockchain with metaverse.